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Lou introduced Pilates to North Devon in 1998, she was instrumental in supporting and training many of the areas comprehensive teachers through her work as a Teacher Trainer in London and opened the first ever Pilates Studio in Devon. After a career in the Army as a Physical Training Instructor Lou went on to study Sports Therapy and is passionate about rehabilitation through Mindful Movement. It was Pilates that helped her overcome her own chronic back pain and injuries, and after over 25 years in the business she's as passionate about movement for health as she's ever been. Moving forward she has opened LB Movement a Pilates, Biomechanics and Yoga studio based in Torrington. Lou's speciality is rehabilitation and Advanced Classical Pilates using both Mat and specialist Pilates Reformers and equipment.

LB Movement @ Function Fitness, Torrington

Pilates is only available currently at Function Fitness , Torrington

Pilates is a safe, effective and balanced exercise system when taught by comprehensively qualified teachers. It is suitable for all ages and abilities and is based on corrective exercise, building balance from deep within, through a series of flowing controlled mindful movements.

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